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In this program you will call your inner power, embody your forces and desires, feel grounded and energised. You will be connected to your tenacity and to your ability of making a difference in the world!

*You will connect with the shakti power, the feminine energy.

*You will express your tenacity in your dance

* You will awaken your instincts.

Be Empowered and discover the profound and mystical symbolism of one of the most adored goddesses of India.

In this DURGA course you will receive:

🔱 Traditional Training

🔱 A pre-recorded Durga dance video , with the mantra and

traditional mudras of Indian dance 

🔱 Original music with traditional mantras and invocation, to dance for Durga

This is a powerful time of transformation. I feel deeply called to offer my support to you right now. I pray that the depth of temple dance and ritual will support you to feel rooted and protected as we overcome obstacles. 

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Paid Course

Om Dum Durgaye Namah

Be fearless with Durga!