Come and experience your divine feminine embodiment through temple dance. I create a safe space for you to move deeper into the profound temple dance practices, as a lifestyle. Dance is an embodiment of the sacred feminine, the divine energy.

Come and learn how to be present, align and chant the prayers of Shiva, the cosmic dancer. Come and salute divine mother in the form of the earth, Bhumi Devi! Become enthralled by the beautiful mudras, mantras and elegant steps of the priestesses India. 

  The sacred dance of the devadasis developed in ancient India, as an embodiment of the Divine. Cultivating the sacred ritualistic origin of Indian classical Dance, Daniela guides her students into an inner journey with Temple Dance, animating prayers through refined and ritualistic gestures. These classes include gentle, sensual and grounding steps, to awake even more subtle feminine energies of the body and spirit.

“It is my honour to guide You into the priestess mysteries of Temple dance and Rituals of India”


Temple Dance Initiation

Welcome to Temple Dance School

Now is the time to call on the Goddesses. Be victorious and protect your loved ones during this time like the goddess Durga. Find true abundance within like Lakshmi. Bring forward your creativity and intellect to engage with life and problem solve like Saraswati.

Dance is healing.

Dance is empowering.

Dance brings wisdom.