In this program you will feel empowered, independent, free to make your impact in the world. Free to discover your true purpose and connected to the beauty and to the source of your creative power.

*You will be confident in your dance.

*You will manifest and attract what you desire.

* You will embody your Prosperity and Open to Divine Abundance.

In Dance Your Abundance you will:

  • Take time to receive;
  • Bask in sacred space;
  • Connect with yourself;
  • Be supported and guided;
  • Invite beauty into your life;
  • Feel pleasure in your body;
  • Get Radiant and energized;
  • Feel the power of these enchanting ancient practices;
  • Feel liberated, relaxed, absorbed in these profound traditions;
  • Realize your inherent richness through creative expression.

Namaste, I'm Daniela. It's my honour to guide you into Temple Dance and rituals of India

Daniela supports her students with inspiration and spiritual wisdom, to embody their Sacred Feminine, to discover deep knowledge, power and intuition.

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Paid Course

You are dancing your abundance and feeling like a goddess. 

Bring abundant blessings to your family and friends by embodying the energy of the goddess Lakshmi.

Dive deep with me into the abundant richness of Indian traditions.

Temple dancers...

Lear how to honour and dance for Lakshmi, the radiant Goddess of Prosperity.