In this program you will align with your inner voice, embody your devotion and inspirations, feel free to express your essence, step into the power of creativity. You will be connected to the beauty and to the source of your creative power.

*You will connect with the shakti power, the feminine energy.

*You will express your soul in your dance

* You will give voice to your visions and inspirations


In Dance Your Creativity:

  • Take time to receive;
  • Connect with yourself;
  • Be supported and guided;
  • Invite beauty into your life;
  • Get Radiant and energised;
  • Feel the power of these enchanting ancient practices;
  • Feel liberated, free, inspired, absorbed in these profound traditions;
  • Realise your inherent power of manifest in life and arts through creative expression.

Welcome to my world of beauty, grace and creativity!

It's my honour to guide you into the mysteries of Temple Dance

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Om Aim Saraswatye Namah

Her speech is clear and truth

Goddess of Music and Poetry