Let the goddess Tara gift you healing trust and faith in your own inner resilience. Tara is the goddess who quickly comes to you during an emergency. She is readily available. Her healing embrace is very present. She responds quickly to your call for mercy.

This 5 day online goddess immersion will support you to find grace and surrender during challenging times. This is for you if you desire to feel the devotion and grace of the goddess Tara. If you desire to feel healed and protected in the arms of the divine mother then this experience is for you.

In this course you will: 

Receive divine protection

You will feel supported through grace

You will feel connected to your sacred heart

Feel empowered to send healing energy to your family and community

Day 1 - Opening Ritual

Day 2 - Mantra and Prayer 

Day 3 - Sacred Mudras 

Day 4 - Temple Dance Sequence 

Day 5 - Closing ceremony and Sharing

I am inspired to step up and support you even more with these practices to reveal your inherent beauty, divine protection and serene tranquility. 

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