Module One (3rd April) - The Origin. Saraswati + Ganesha. 
Discover the ancient tradition of ritual. Together, we will explore the origin of Vedic temple rituals.

Module Two (10th April) - The Offerings. Ganga Ma. 
Practice the beautiful gesture of sacred offerings as ritual. Puja is a highlight of Vedic spirituality. Learn puja in altar rituals and water purification ceremonies. Ritual for good beginning.

Module Three (17th April) Ayurvedic Lifestyle Wisdom with Parvati. Learn fascinating rituals to bring wellness and beautify your body, mind and soul. Ritual of health and wellness.

Module Four (24th April) - The devotion of Radha.
 The traditions surrounding Radha and Krishna are rooted in bhakti, or else love service as ritual. Learn how you can transform your work and daily duties into beautiful devotional rituals of service with the spirit of Radha. Rituals of Devotion.

Module Five (May 1st) The desire. Lalita Tripura Sundari 
Explore the history of shakti and the antique Tantric Rituals
Yoni, Yantra and Tantric ritual. Ritual of Love and Desire.

Module Six (May 8th) Final Lakshmi feast ceremony!
  Celebrate with the devi of abundance, love and good fortune! Create your own abundance ritual. Ritual of Joy.