Working with the five elements helps us bring our lives into harmony. We will not only work with the five elements, but the three doshas that contain them in Ayurveda. In this course you will integrate Indian dance as a healing lifestyle to embody your art more deeply. For each element you will learn a dance sequences as a prayer to the goddess. You will feel the embodiment of the elements. You will experience how all the elements of Indian dance, yoga and Ayurveda are so connected and meaningful together.

5 day live training: together we will be exploring how the power of Shakti connects to the elements through the goddesses.

In this course you will embody lifestyle wisdom through the healing art of temple dance. The ancient medicine of Ayurveda boosts the immune system, preserves life and thus empowers our dance. In this experience you will feel the power of connecting with the elements of the universe. You will use these tools to improve your lifestyle. 

Cultivate Wellbeing. 

The branches of Indian temple dance, yoga and Ayurveda are not separate. They should be practiced all together as a holistic lifestyle. This is how we learn in India. There is not a separation of the sacred and life, rather life is sacred. Yoga and dance are integrated into daily life as is Ayurvedic lifestyle wisdom. 

In India, it is a sacred rite to go and bath in the Ganga river. Ganga is a holy place. Hindu’s Ganga is known to cleanse karma. 

Arti Fire Ceremony. Lighting a Red Candle. Light up your prayers and good health habits.

Awakening and opening our heart through empathy. 

GODDESS Curriculum

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This entire experience is an empowerment. We feel a deeper understanding of the value of our lives, and our worthiness.